Saturday, January 22, 2011

GMAT Duckworth Lewis method

     Today two things happened. Two very different things, but both of them very similar.I followed a cricket match cut short by rain, and I read the post of a forum member whose's GMAT was interrupted by a power breakdown.

     I read on the  BTG forums about one of the guys whose test was plagued with a power-cut and he settled for a score less than what he had imagined. I also was following a game of cricket between India and South Africa. The match was curtailed by a rain.I still don't know the result as I post this blog. {4 overs lost due to rain, match is reduced to 46 overs and the target is 260}However, I am sure that there would be a clear winner/loser thanks to a statistical method to figure out revised targets after an interruption. The Duckworth Lewis method or D/L method is a set of formulas and tables created by Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis. The International Cricket Council (ICC) adopted this method to address the problem of delayed match for reasons of rain, poor light and floodlight failures although it has also been used in events that have been shortened due to crowd problem, sandstorms and even snowstorms.

As I still sit and ponder over the result of the match, I think it would not be counterintuitive to apply the D/L method for a GMAT test. After all the GMAT too scores statistically.

Getting into the theroy of the D/L, the essence are the 'resources'. Each team is taken to have two 'resources' to use to make as many runs as possible: the number of overs they have to receive and the number of wickets they have in hand.
Similarly for the GMAT, the essence are the "time left" and "questions left".

I do believe that there should be something to factor in for the poor guys, whose GMAT/game are interrupted! In the meanwhile I leave you with the D/L calculator and inspire a few to make such a calculator.
(If not for a real test, for practice with a shortened duration of test - planned or cut short by an official phone call or otherwise.)

P.S. I add this disclaimer that this post may not be taken seriously and its a pure co-incidence that I happened to see some relation between the two interruptions.(Also have posted links of the proof that it happened on the same day!)


  1. if u applied the DL to my performance then I would be in the high 700's mates, just the perfect start to the first ten overs(ten questions in quant)- and my test got disrupted, however I was aware that my match(test) will resume post the rain break so i did not freak out,

  2. Well... some things are neva in our hands! Tough luck!!


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