Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deep Abyss!!

Today i was walking down the aisle....A never ending corridor from the top floor of my office building!! An Abyss to which I was walking to... Dont know what I was thinking...rather whom I was thinking about ?? Keep thinking...was it not about the Sensex which plunged again...? A whooping 220 points today...If I would have emulated it...I would have rather jumped from the top floor...But I feel it would bounce back...I will remain invested....with all the assets and rather not play with my life... keep walking up and down the aisle...I know tommorow is another day.....
But I remember there was a time when sensex would swing much less..just a good 40-50 points. I guess it too was stable...did somebody say "very much in love...??"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dragon dance, what we should do for Chindia rising!!

Let me first take the opportunity to congratulate the people of China,
for their nation completing 60 years of communist rule.
The times which have seen the rise and rise of China as a superpower,
shows the commitment of the government to improve the technology,
health, education and development in general.

Off late there has been a lot of bad-naming and media-bashing.
A lot of debates and news reports in the Indian media point
How the Chinese leadership curtails the freedom of its people and compares it with dictatorship?
One news channel point out how the Chinese establishment is India's threat number one,
plotting just to plunder India.

How about some research rather than superficial reporting?
How about educating people? How about even correcting their basics?
Say for example how many of us know or could spell the name of the Chinese President?
Well it was the President Hu Jintao,who reviewed the military parade at Tiananmen Square in Beijing on 1st October 2009.

Yes the Indian Media has every right to highlight the border incursions in Leh
But it does no good by projecting a Chinese hysteria, by questioning if it is not the Enemy number one??To this I remember the famous saying
We build too many walls and not enough bridges. — Isaac Newton
There ought to be freedom with a sense of responsibility.
The media should focus on how to bridge the gap between the two cultures
whom the world views as the future of the world.

We Indian could learn a lot of basics from the Chinese.
How a discipled force can emerge ? How a vision can do wonders?
Many Indians might know that they have raw talent.
But are we willing to expend ourselves to surge ahead?

Moreover each one of us is independently working towards his or her own goal!
Is our sum of all us VECTORS negating each other??
Is it not at times something like ENTROPY(lost energy)?
The Telecom department deciding to dig up a road
exactly two days after the Roads have been resurfaced by the municipality.
The right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing?
Don't we see the bigger picture and plan things?
Don't we have a body which owns it up and improves with every mistake?

Do we have enough leaders,who would illuminate our future?
or would each one of us run in this this rat race for survival?
Would each one of us lose the larger part of the picture?

The Indian IT industry thanks to people like F.C.Kohli,Devang Mehta,
The Indian Telecom industry thanks to people like Sam Pitroda.
Some bright streaks... Visionaries,Trailblazers,TrendSetters and Go-getters.
People whom we can look up to! People who change the future...

Guys today we have a chance, to focus our energies,
to grow.. by hard disciplined grit and determination.
The Nation's Leadership today is in safe hands of Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Each one of us showing rise upto the challenge...Else as we know...
the gait of the Elephant would lose to the dance of the dragon in the 21st Century.
And our worst fear which i read somewhere "Just ask your kids to start learning chinese the sooner the better" would come true.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Some food for thought!!!

Today as usual all of us friends were having lunch, when we hit upon a topic of Service Industry...
One of my friends comes to our office,which is situated in Gurgaon,in a car all the way from South Delhi.

This travel does not prove to him so costly, mainly because his car is a diesel Swift and gives him an average run of 16 k.m. per litre. With petrol hovering just below Rs. 50 (1$ = Rs. 46.5 ) and diesel a little above Rs. 30 the difference would average out as the diesel car requires maintenance.

But my dilliwallah friend is innovative...he says...He gives the car no maintenance, and any visit to garage means many more visits to the garage and more frequent breakdowns!!

Alas he spits it out... its something like we IT professionals, in out garages ;-) fix 1 bug and introduce 3 new that the software remains in maintenance for ever and we keep loosening the purse strings of our clients!!! Long live outsourcing...Long live the IT industry...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arora's Last Laugh

My view of the world is unique....
I am over here to share my thoughts about the Indian perspective of the IT & OutSourcing & Finance!! I shall soon be Ellipsing my way to business school

This Blog shall be my SoapBox.....

SoapBox ??

"A soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech, often about a political subject."