Monday, June 28, 2010

Some relief

Last month (28/5/2010) I got  610(44q 31v) on a Manhattangmat test in timed conditions...
The score was not as I would have had liked, not inspiring at all.
Now after a month of intense practice and training I got a 710(49q 38v) on a GMATPrep.
Not bad... ehh?? well.. good for confidence,but not good enough to gauge performance....
Seems it?? well...
Firstly, GMATPrep Math is easier compared to the real stuff..
Secondly, there are a few repeat questions in the verbal section which i could recognize...Especially the Reading comprehension passages are so much easier when you have read the passage once...
Finally, The AWA sections did not go well... i was short of time...and short of ideas... need practice and need to have a look at the templates.
 Well.. whatever... as now i sit and relax... listenin to "Aye khuda...mujhko bata...tu rehta kahaan...kya tera pata.. hum toh yahaan pe musafir dhoonde apni manzil ka pata..."
Since its just 19 days to the test... I have to plan the next 20 days... work even harder... 1000SC 1000RC OG10 OG11 OG12 , MGMAT tests once again, Kaplan tests and kaplan premier program book. Revision each day with my notes & GMAT Audio revision and yes...AWA practice!!
 Got any recipes for success...??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

GMAT audio revision- FIRST cut

Guys the first cut... quite delayed from as promised!!

The first cut contains only grammar, mostly from Manhattan resources.

Over 30 minutes of audio time, in mp3 format.

More to come.. CR, AWA, Idioms, more grammar, formulae...

Feel free to share with one and all... Please do preserve the credits.... "Arora Inc."  Cheers!!

Feel free to give feedback.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GMAT audio revision

Guys I had a “Eureka moment”!! :idea: This morning when I was in the loo (I get all the wackiest ideas when I am busy with my morning ablutions), it struck me that I should start utilizing my time more appropriately. With the GMAT approaching in mid July I need to daily revise vital preparatory notes. Would it not be wonderful if I could listen to them rather than read them through ??

Yeah 8-) I have decided to record all my notes in the wav format. I give my self a couple of days, to prepare what would be the first version of the audio recordings(10th june 2010). I would be glad to share it with one and all.

I am weak in verbal and have prepared some notes which primarily consist of extracts from the CR Bible and Manhattan SC and beatthegmat & gmatclub forums. I plan to add some math formulae along with the verbal stuff.

Would be glad if you could give some suggestions, I would also like to add miscellaneous stuff you pass on which would be worth revising.

I would also like to share my story and strategy. Well... have failed badly a couple of times due to verbal section and the hectic schedule at work. I also amount this to the exhaustion in a 4 hour long test. I firmly believe that physical endurance is necessary for the physical and mental fatigue one faces in GMAT exam. I am in the mode of building my mental and physical stamina, I am also trying to get my basics right this time and use my time efficiently. Each morning I go for a 30 minute jog/walk (to build my stamina). I plan to listen the GMAT audio revision from now on .

Monday, June 7, 2010

40 days to GMAT

Arora's log - Stardate 08-06-2010
Location: H.L. Center, Ahmedabad, India.
Date: 17th July 2010 , 10 A.M.
count down: 40 days

Beam me up,Scotty!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I cannot be more thankful to anybody than GMATClub, after all they kept their tests free for all on Memorial day. Although I could only attempt 3 verbal tests, I got ample practice and time to think a successful strategy. I had a dismal performance of 18 correct(39 attempted) in the first verbal test, thanks to the rusty brain and my inability to complete the stipulated 41 questions in 75 mins. Before the second test I made up my mind, that i would rush through the last few question when time would be running out. Again my score was bad! I wondered why i was scoring low. The reason could not be just bad basics, the approach was poor too. I was also wasting too much time re-reading the answer options especially in CR and SC.My game-plan was to attack this weakness. I decided to mark the choices as not possible, good possibility, remote possibility. See the figure.

e marked by good possibility
b & d marked as remote possibility.
a & c marked out.

I saved time in re-reading the two choices. The quick phonetics I used as symbolic indicator,helped me point out the possible answer choices. I did not have to trouble myself to paraphrase and remember the answer choices. Every possibility with its respective weightage was in front of me to make the decision.
This time I had 30 answers correct. I had to quickly scamper through only 3 questions, compared to not reading (8+2)10 answers.